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Finally, today, for us, will be a sort of new birthday. The new album The Storm is being available now EVERYWHERE on the Planet! A completely new lineup, new influences, a new sound. We can call this the most passionate PxP album, which comes out after lots of difficulties.
This album has been completely made by ourself: recording, mixing, mastering… a huge work where each PxP member has given all himself to every single note, every single frequency you can ear.

Here is the list of all the Digital Distributors where you can listen to The Storm:

Apple MusicSpotifyGoogle Play MusicAmazon MP3
DeezerMicrosoft GrooveRhapsodyRdio

And now let the words of each PxP member thank the World and those who helped us and gave us the possibility to do this:

Thanks to my family Eleonora,Matilde & Caterina for their support in this new progressive adventure. Thanks to Frank Zappa and “Nonno Mario” for their continuous inspiration. God bless you. And finally thank you to the members of PxP: Paolo, Frank & Vale. I love you so much guys!!!!!!Alessio Lastrucci
The biggest thanks to my wife, Irene, for her patience and support during this period. Thanks to you all, my friends at ProgressiveXperience: you all have the talent to turn each note into emotions and I’ll never thank you enough for this. Thanks to all our fans and to everybody who will let his heart lay just on one single note listening The Storm: you all are our Music-lifebloodFrank
Sometimes it happens: to be in the right place at the right time…with the right people! Inspiration + harmony + passion + fun = it makes the difference! Thank you to my PxP Friends! Enjoy our Album, let’s experience “The Storm”!Valeria Santoni
Thanks to my family, Eva, Altea and Elettra for their patience, their love and for taking time out. Marzio Benelli for teaching me “the art” of sound and Luca Ravagni for his precious work at relativity studio. And again thanks to Francesco, Letizia , Laura, Lisa and Marina and, of course, my Shiny ProgressiveXperience: Alessio, Francesco and Valeria…and thanks to God for giving me this Life.Emicant

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